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Readers pick best webcomic: Vwingtone

You or someone you know probably has a Metal Gear Solid-themed ringtone -- we'd be willing to wager that you or this person is probably super jumpy as a result. Admit it -- every time you hear that Codec sound, you think you're getting a call from the director of the CIA, not "your boy Joey" who wants to know if you're "down for 30-cent wing night at B-Dubs." Or perhaps you're rocking the iconic alert sound, which could lead to embarrassing scenarios like the one presented in last week's Wrapup-winning comic, Awkward Zombie's "Vwingtone."

Second and third place went to Brawl in the Family's "Yarn Meetings" and Penny Arcade's "That Constant Refrain," respectively. If you've got a favorite strip you'd like to see in tomorrow's Wrapup, drop a link in the comments, or send in a tip!

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