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Breakfast Topic: Happy hallowed holiday


Today is Halloween in the physical world and also the last day of Hallow's End in Azeroth. There is just no escape from costumes and candy, no matter where you go. For me, that's a good thing. This is one of my favorite holidays, being No. 3 of the four major chocolate holidays of the year. And I love the in-game version as well, with its silly achievements and delicious XP and/or cash for alts.

While most U.S. children will be trick-or-treating this evening, the bulk of the Halloween parties have already happened. In game, most of the dailies and achievement attempts have already occurred as well, but you still have time to try for your goals until tonight.

Do you participate in Halloween? If so, what did you and/or your child go as this year? Do you participate in Hallow's End? How close are you to finishing your goals?

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