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Breakfast Topic: Goodbye Hallow's End, hello Day of the Dead


That's it! No more chances to try for the mount you've all been queuing up for until next year. Hallow's End may be over, but the in-game holiday fun is not. For one day only, you can participate in a fun little event that pays homage to Dia de los Muertos, the Latin-American holiday for remembering family members who are no longer with us. The Day of the Dead includes a dancing achievement and a quest to feed the dead, complete with pop culture references. <It came from the Blog> had a lot of fun last year, as you can see in the gallery below.

Are you participating in the Day of the Dead today? Also, did you reach your Hallow's End goals? What do you think of the drop rate of the Horseman's reins? What would you change about the holiday? Personally, I would like there to be a way to douse the fires with fewer people toward the end of the holiday. I think it would be nice if an NPC stepped in to help out after so many failed attempts in a row. That way I could still parade my alts through Brill on a daily basis, rather than scheduling an onslaught of guildies to get it done in a few seconds. What do you think?

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