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Shenmue Town is a 'side story,' made by Yu Suzuki's new company


Here's a thought experiment. Would it be worse if:
  1. Yu Suzuki's Shenmue story continued, but in the form of a mobile game that none of us will ever play, or
  2. a new (mobile, Japanese) Shenmue game was made by Suzuki, and didn't continue the story?
Both of those are kind of hellish -- the first means that we'd only be able to catch up with our pal Ryo through online summaries by fans, while the second would mean that the Shenmue story was being drawn out even more without reaching any kind of resolution.

Shenmue Town, the Japan-only mobile game announced last month, will be a "side story" to the Shenmue games, developed by Yu Suzuki's Ys Net and managed by Sunsoft. So Suzuki finally figured out a way to make more Shenmue ... and it's a "side story." There are still few details about the game: Andriasang reports that you'll start in Yokusuka, setting for the first Dreamcast game, as Ryo Hazuki. Art on the official site is all Dreamcast-era character art, with a note that "Shenmue returns" and an invitation to "Come back this winter."

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