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While store customers get Halloween patches, Apple's retail VP cleans up


File under "Awww": Children visiting the Bellevue, WA Apple Store on Halloween were treated to collectible instant-stick logo patches, says iPhone Savior. The patches ran out pretty quickly, but they were popular while they lasted.

Patches are certainly nice keepsakes, but if you want to talk real holiday rewards, let's consider Apple's senior VP of retail Ron Johnson. Over the weekend, as noted by Apple 2.0, an SEC reporting form listed Johnson as selling a few stock options. To be precise, he sold 150,000 shares on Thursday, with an average selling price per share of $306.07 -- which, along with the strike price (the 'sticker price' on the shares, which are granted by Apple) of $11.06, means he cleared a cool $44 million in pretax profits.

Johnson isn't a first-time seller, either; over the past three years his total profits from option sales come to about $200 million. Can't argue with the job he's doing, as Apple's retail stores continue going gangbusters quarter after quarter -- but maybe he needs a new nickname. RJ Nabisco, because he's making bread? Hmm. Needs work.

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