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Breakfast Topic: Haven't you seen that someplace before?

Anne Stickney

There are all kinds of little real-life references here and there in World of Warcraft -- pop culture seems to be something that is referred to heavily and often. But it's the more obscure references, the ones that point at things my character has done or accomplished, that leave me with a smile on my face, like the one in the picture above. In the first aid building in Dalaran, several injured NPCs are lying in bed, along with a Wounded Dalaran Serpent. Most players don't really give these characters a second look; they merely turn in their fishing daily and hightail it to the next instance or raid.

For those who have played through Silverpine while leveling, however ... well, those NPCs should look familiar. They're the ones you beat up while you were out there looking for Dalaran Pendants at the behest of Shadow Priest Allister. Or maybe you weren't questing; you were just looking for that elusive Black Tabby Cat and these guys got in your way. Regardless, all three of them are thankfully far too out of it to recognize you. I wonder what would happen if they ever woke up and said anything to the authorities?

What weird little reference makes you smile, every time you see it? Have you seen any other NPCs that reference places you've been and things you've accomplished? What's the most obscure reference you've found in WoW?

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