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iPad nabs 95.5 percent of tablet market

Sam Abuelsamid

It should come as a surprise to no ones that the Apple iPad completely dominates the tablet computer market right. After nearly a decade of availability, Windows-based tablets have never gained much traction except for a some vertical markets like healthcare. Meanwhile, Android-based tablets have gotten a lot of press in recent months but only a handful cheap, underpowered, off-brand units have actually made it to market. As a result, the iPad currently accounts for 95.5 percent of tablet sales, according to data from Strategy Analytics.

The first really serious challenger from the Android camp is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is just going on sale in Europe now and coming to North America in the next couple of weeks. The Samsung will be followed by Android, WebOS and Blackberry entries in the coming months. By the end of the first quarter of 2011 we should have a better idea if anyone can really challenge Apple in this segment.

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