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Don't hold your breath for a Facebook iPad app


While many of us (including me) are clamoring for an official iPad Facebook app, Mark Zuckerberg pretty much dashed any hopes for one at today's Facebook Mobile Event. When asked why there wasn't an official iPad app yet, Zuckerberg replied, "The iPad isn't mobile." Uh, what?

He apparently later back tracked and said that while he loves working with Apple, the iPad isn't as mobile as a phone. Erick Tensing, Facebook's head of Mobile Products, then explained that the explosion of tablets isn't going to be about the iPad alone and there would be many offerings from vendors running Android OS. That leads Facebook to believe that committing limited resources to one tablet just doesn't make sense.

What you're gonna see, according to TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid, is a web-based mobile app version of Facebook that targets tablets across the board. All I'm asking now is that they hurry it up, besides some feature loss while viewing Facebook on an iPad, the entire site locked iPad owners out of zooming and scaling a few weeks back.

Facebook released an updated version of its app for iPhone and iPod touch earlier today.

[via TechCrunch]

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