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Free Realms now available for your Mac

Jef Reahard

Mac users rejoice, you've got another option when it comes to MMORPGs thanks to SOE and Free Realms. While OS X fans have seen their list of available titles grow in recent years, AAA games are still fairly scarce, with World of Warcraft, EverQuest, and Fallen Earth being a few of the more notable exceptions.

Free Realms isn't dumping you on a Mac-segregated server either, but rather the same shards inhabited by the free-to-play title's PC users. With fourteen million registered players, you're bound to find someone to hang out with, so head over to the official website to download the client and get started.

Free Realms features a large virtual world, customizable avatars, and a huge variety of minigames designed to provided hours of safe online entertainment for kids and whole families. Check out Massively's in-depth look at the game for more information.

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