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The Daily Grind: Do you turn off XP?

Jef Reahard

Craig Morrison's latest blog post got me to thinking about MMORPG design, progression, and the sweet nectar of the gods known as XP. When you get right down to it, XP is a huge part of why we play these games, whether it be the simple pleasures inherent in watching the bar move, or the fact that we're hell-bent on a particular plateau that will allow us to equip the one-shotting batarang of WtFpwned!!11! +1.

There are some among us that do the unthinkable, though, or would if their game of choice gave them the option. Yes, a few hearty souls turn off XP gain. I know, right? The horror!

What could possibly motivate such a bold and rebellious act? Is it to avoid out-leveling a compatriot? A desire to continue questing in a particularly awesome section of the game world? Even the wisest cannot tell why you'd want to disable the almighty XP, so today's question is a bit simpler (but feel free to expound on it if you wish): Do you turn off your XP?
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