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DIY Ripstik underbody LED kit will make you look styley at night, still get heckled by skaters

Tim Stevens

The age of the underbody lighting craze on cars passed about as quickly as a bottle of N2O lasts on bracket night at the local strip, but that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun on your man-powered means of transportation. No, we're not talking a skateboard here, it's a Ripstik, featuring two narrow inline skate wheels and a weaving motion that will get you going where you're going without kicking -- so long as you aren't in a great hurry. Now modder metsfan1938 over at instructables is showing us how to add a little underbody bling, wiring up blue LEDs that are as practical as they are stylish if you tend to ride in an area that could see you getting run over at night. A little soldering and a bit of Dremel action is all that's required here, so if you live your life a wobbly quarter-mile at a time you'll want to click on through.

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