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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers summons third DLC pack on Steam


While the console versions of Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers are stuck waiting on that third DLC pack, PC users can now boost their virtual card collection through a Steam update today. The third content pack will set budding planeswalkers back $4.99, for which they get two new decks, a plethora of new cards to unlock, new challenges to conquer and, of course, a new single-player campaign to tackle. If you've checked out either of the previous two DLC packs, then you know this is pretty much par for the course.

There's still no timetable for when the DLC will be available on consoles, though we've contacted both Wizards of the Coast and Stainless Games for comment. In the meanwhile, feel free to tap our gallery below for some magical screens.

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