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Poker Night at the Inventory adds to your Team Fortress 2 inventory


People don't just play poker for fun -- they play it to accrue piles of wealth. Telltale is providing similar, if small-scale, motivation to buy and play its crossover poker game, Poker Night at the Inventory, in the form of Team Fortress 2 items. You'll get one, the Heavy's poker visor, for pre-ordering from the Telltale Store, and you'll be able to get more from special Item Rounds within the game.

The items you'll be able to win from the game's other characters include Max's Lugermorph handgun for the Scout and Engineer, and a Freelance Badge that everyone can wear; an Enthusiast timepiece (Penny Arcade's infamous watch) for the Spy from Tycho; Strong Bad's Dangeresque shades, usable when the Demoman is gonna have to jump!; and from the Heavy, an Iron Curtain gun, for ... the Heavy. Not much of a loss on his part, then?

Check out a new trailer after the break. We'll warn you -- you're going to hear Tycho's voice (not the real Tycho, but a voice actor for the character), and it's going to be weird. Like seeing a radio DJ's face for the first time after hearing him, but in reverse.

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