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Square Enix releases two free Facebook games, one with chocobos

So, you've tired of your life as a virtual mob boss/vampire/pirate/zombie/wizard/other thing while playing your favorite Facebook games? Square Enix has two new social titles that might tickle your fancy. The first, Knights of the Crystals, is a Mafia Wars-esque RPG, in which players spend recharging Action Points to complete quests, and in turn, earn XP, gold and new classes, which drastically alter player stats. It's a game genetically engineered to addict, and we are absolutely terrified of it.

The other new game, Chocobo's Crystal Tower, is cut from a similar cloth, albeit with a lot more feathers. In addition to raiding towers for untold treasures, players are tasked with breeding and raising chocobos, which will do all the aforementioned raiding. Any Gil money earned can be used to customize your ranch or chocobos. It's FarmVille meets Final Fantasy -- and we might be even more scared of this one, which we didn't think was possible.

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