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AT&T details transition for acquired Alltel customers

Chris Ziegler

Yes, Verizon got the lion's share of Alltel's peeps post-merger, but AT&T is reaching out to the handful of customers it scored as a result of Verizon's divestitures and offering them deals on handsets in an effort to get them switched over to GSM in a smooth, timely fashion. Though owners of different Alltel phones are getting mailings offering different replacement devices (a Tritan owner is getting dumbphone promos and a Hero owner is getting what you see above, for instance), it would appear all upgrade deals apply to all customers making the transition, regardless of device. By and large, the upgrade offers aren't better than the best upgrade offers for regular AT&T customers, though there are a couple standouts -- you can get an Aria for free or a Torch for $100, for instance -- so the best benefit would seem to be that customers making the switch can cancel out entirely without an ETF for the first 30 days. The carrier isn't forcing customers to make the switch just yet -- nor will they offer a date when that's going to happen -- so it seems like this is just gentle encouragement at this point.

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