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EA announces 100 million lifetime sales for FIFA, free Ultimate Team download


Electronic Arts has announced that its FIFA soccer franchise has reached sales of over 100 million units during its 18-year-long lifetime, and that's a lot of virtual soccer balls. FIFA Soccer 11 helped push the series over the century mark, selling 2.6 million copies in its first five days, making it the fastest selling sports video game of all time.

To celebrate, EA is giving this year's version of its tie-in management game, FIFA 11 Ultimate Team, away for free along with the main game. Last year, the DLC was sold for an extra charge, but in FIFA 11, players can download the new mode for free, and it features both an enhanced multiplayer mode where players can pit their teams against each other, as well as a full-featured web app to auction and trade players outside of the console title.

That's pretty drop-kickin' awesome if you ask us. If you own FIFA 11 on the Xbox or PS3, you can pick Ultimate Team up for free from the in-game menus right now.

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