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WoW Moviewatch: Aquaman's Lament


Spiff is a long-time favorite of WoW Moviewatch. His traditional method is to create a WoW-themed video for a JoCo or Paul & Storm song, sending all of us multi-genre nerds in a tizzy of delight. This time around, though, Spiff went a little outside his normal box. Aquaman's Lament is a WoW-themed music video for the Mark Aaron James song of the same name. The song's been shortened a little so that the video could be submitted for the BlizzCon 2010 machinima contest.

We can't say with certainty that this is related, but it turns out Mark Aaron James is going to release a followup of the song called Batman's Reply. It's pretty exciting to think that Spiff and the WoW community could thus encourage an artist to create a sequel, so I think that's the version of the story I'm going with.

For what it's worth, my favorite bit was watching Spiff translate my favorite superheroes into WoW versions. He really did an amazingly brilliant job of it.

Edit: It's Batman's Reply not Batman's Lament.

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