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AT&T clarifies Windows Phone 7 launch parameters: no pre-orders, online sales are a go

Darren Murph

November 8th is creeping ever closer, and aside from it marking the beginning of yet another long, drawn-out week in the working world, it's also the first day you can get your paws around a Windows Phone 7 device from AT&T. Much in the same way that it did before subsequent iPhone launches, the carrier has come forward with a few vital pieces of information to chew on before making any incorrect assumptions. Company representative Warner May confirmed to Phone Scoop that online sales for Windows Phone 7 devices (the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround) would indeed go live on launch day, debunking rumors that the phones would only be available for the grabbing in retail locations. Furthermore, we're told that no pre-orders are being accepted via B&M / online -- a logical move given the chaos that ensued from the iPhone 4 pre-order rush. More on the launch as we get it.

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