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The Daily Grind: When have you felt superfluous?

Eliot Lefebvre

Being a low-level Mesmer in Guild Wars is not often fun times. You know that later on the class becomes the absolute master of interrupts and lockdowns, nearly vital in a good party. But when you're still early in the game with few useful skills and few caster enemies to worry about, more often than not you find yourself standing in the back of parties casting a hex or two and waiting for the fight to be over. It makes it a lot harder to take claims of "great group" seriously when you didn't really do anything.

Nobody likes the feeling of being carried in a game, but it's inevitable that once or twice the weak link is going to be you. Sometimes it's inexperience, sometimes it's being at a low level, and sometimes it's just the stars lining up perfectly to make your life miserable. So when have you felt like you were a complete third wheel? Was it during your learning phase for endgame content, or in the midst of a mid-game run where you weren't really necessary? Or was it just a matter of teaming with people who all knew one another with you as the stranger?
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