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Android and BlackBerry remote viewing / scheduling apps hit for Monsoon Vulkano

Darren Murph

Forgotten about Monsoon's darkhorse-of-a-DVR? Surely not! Particularly if you're a BlackBerry or Android user. Monsoon's do-it-all STB has just received a pair of free applications for two of the largest mobile operating systems on the market, with both BlackBerry and Android users soon able to both schedule recordings and watch live / recorded television from afar. According to the company, the apps enable users to "enjoy all the Vulkano features including integrated DVR, web video, place shifting, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) streaming and Mobile Video Recording from anywhere," which sounds dangerously hopeful if we're being frank. But hey, if mobile access was keeping you from making the plunge, you'll need to scrounge up another excuse now. A good problem to have, you know?

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Monsoon Multimedia Announces Vulkano Mobile Apps for Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

Monsoon Multimedia's Universal Video Platform Provides DVR, TV Place Shifting, Universal Plug and Play Streaming and Mobile Video Recording for Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Monsoon Multimedia, a leading provider of video convergence products, today announced the availability of the free Android and BlackBerry mobile apps for the Vulkano line of devices. The new app allows Android and BlackBerry smartphone owners to enjoy all the Vulkano features including integrated DVR, web video, place shifting, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) streaming and Mobile Video Recording providing a truly universal video platform from anywhere.

Vulkano's Android and BlackBerry apps let users watch and control any home TV channel from anywhere in the world simply by installing a Vulkano and downloading the free app from the Android Marketplace or BlackBerry's App World. They can also schedule a recording through an included EPG (electronic program guide) and transfer and watch the recordings at any time on their device.

Android and BlackBerry smartphone owners can also utilize the Vulkano's integrated hardware and software UPnP-enabled platform with a powerful video processor to view content residing on the device from their living room TV, giving them an elegant solution to view photos and video on a big screen without having to hassle with messy cables.

"Consumers are getting accustomed to their content living in the cloud and they now want to view and control their video content from any device anywhere in the world," said Colin Stiles, EVP Sales and Marketing at Monsoon. "The Android platform is growing so fast and BlackBerry has always been a force in the mobile world so we wanted to be sure we provided those consumers with a unique, optimized and reliable Vulkano experience so that they have the opportunity to watch what they want, when they want it."

Summary of Vulkano Features for Android and BlackBerry smartphones:

* Transforms smartphones into Mobile Video Recorders
* Watch and control your live TV via an Android or BlackBerry smartphone
* Recorded programs play back on Android or BlackBerry smartphones
* Direct record mode allows for Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind
* Schedule TV recording by show, channel or date and time
* Browse EPG for shows and episode descriptions
* Mark channels as Favorite for quick access
* Change channels just like at home
* Enjoy photos, video and music on home TV stored on Android devices or BlackBerry smartphones
* Multiple users can have recordings on Vulkano hard-drive and access independently
* Control Vulkano features and settings through intuitive television menu
* Connect to all major TV sources - cable, DVD, satellite, DVR, TiVo
* Stream video at H.264 and MPEG-4 standards at rates as low as 150kbps
* Includes 8GB or 16GB of SD card storage or e-SATA hard drives up to 1TB
* Connects wirelessly through Vulkano's on board .11n WiFi to home router
* TV content is passed from the set-top box's analog output (component, composite) to Vulkano; using resolutions up to 1080i

Pricing and Availability

The Android app for the Vulkano is now available for free in the Android Marketplace. The BlackBerry app for the Vulkano will be available mid-November at BlackBerry App World™ ( Both Vulkano Deluxe and Vulkano Deluxe Pro are available immediately at Vulkano Deluxe comes with 16GB of SD storage costing $279 and Vulkano Deluxe Pro comes with 1 Terabyte e-SATA hard disk and costs $379. Select retailers such as, and are shipping Vulkano which comes with 8GB SD storage and costs $259 and the Vulkano Pro at $349 which includes a 500GB e-SATA hard disk.

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