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Flee for Android puts vintage LCD gaming on your cellphone (video)


No, that's not some long-abused handheld video game you've never heard of -- although it is a video game, and you do hold it in your hand. That's a screengrab from Flee, the game which recreates for Android users (version 1.6 or above) the LCD games of the past. In addition to its rough 'n ready look and straight forward game play, this bad boy features 96 levels, global scorecard, tons of music, and -- this is our favorite part -- when you press down on the screen, it simulates the effect of pressing down on an LCD. Not bad for €1, eh? There is also an ad-supported 'lite' version in case you're not ready to make the steep investment. Video, QR codes after the break.

Full Version:

Lite Version:

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