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Gran Turismo 5 retail discs spotted in Europe


Over the weekend, a handful of tipsters sent Gran Turismo fansite GT Planet photos of what appeared to be retail versions of Gran Turismo 5. The photographic evidence began to pile up, and it seems that some gamer slash gearheads in Europe are already playing the game -- this is, of course, after the game was delayed to an unknown release date. Additionally, the game's entire Trophy list has been revealed, adding fuel to the fire.

At the very least, this confirms GT5 director Kazunori Yamauchi's statement about discs for the game already being in production, though it doesn't put us any closer to knowing when exactly the game will finally arrive at retail. Will GT5 follow the path of the Sega Saturn and simply become available "right now," whenever the publisher deems it so? It certainly seems possible as of this report. But then, we all know how well that went for Sega's game console.

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