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World of WarCrafts: Vedrim's latest mix

Anne Stickney

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I'm in a music kind of mood it seems -- and today's offering weaves one of the most compelling pieces of the Wrath of the Lich King with hypnotic beats in a trance remix that has been in the works for a long, long time. Back in March of this year, World of WarCrafts got in touch with Vedrim, creator of the "Bound by Bone" mix and chatted with him about music and the creation of his unique mixes. This week, Vedrim returns to the scene with his long-awaited remix of "O Thanagor," more commonly known as "Arthas' Theme" from the Wrath of the Lich King opening cinematic.

Did I say long-awaited? I meant it -- this mix has been an astonishing seven months in the making. We got a chance to get caught up with Vedrim and ask him about his latest work; keep reading for more after the break.

World of WarCrafts: Good to see your work again, Vedrim! This piece has been in the works for seven months now -- do your mixes usually take that long to complete? What was different about this mix?

Vedrim: Normally, one of my remixes takes on average about a week to complete from start to finish, assuming I have a few hours each day to work on it, though sometimes they can be finished in as little as two to three days. "No King Rules Forever" did indeed take me close to seven months to finish, due to my own personal inability to have ever been truly satisfied with it. Since it's a remix of the theme of what could be considered one of the most iconic characters in Warcraft history, I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible in order to properly do justice to the original work. On top of that, I wanted to really make something special as a gift for my guild, <Shai Hulud> of Duskwood (US-H), to congratulate them on the culmination of months of hard work.

What else have you been working on? Any music for other games?

I wish I was doing music for other games; if there are any developers out there in need of a composer, feel free to contact me! Shameless plugs aside, most of the work I've done over the past few months consists of side projects that I had the time to finish while slowly working on "No King Rules Forever" as well as a few original pieces that popped into my head, all of which can be found on my YouTube channel.

It looks like this release was because of a special occasion?

I was saving the release of "No King Rules Forever" for my guild's HM LK-25 kill video in celebration of all their hard work and as a thank-you for all they've done for me. While I was not present at the kill, since I have had to shift my focus from WoW for the past two months to address a few pressing issues that cropped up, I still wanted to dedicate this to them not only for their perseverance but also as a personal thanks for helping me to complete Shadowmourne, despite the fact that real life proceeded to take me by surprise shortly before patch 4.0.1.

Any Cataclysm music in the works? The new expansion music is great!

Nothing to report yet, as I haven't listened to any of the Cataclysm tracks at this time. However, I'll take your word for it and will definitely be checking them out. I most certainly plan on playing Cataclysm, so be sure to expect lots of work from me in the future after its release!

I'm sure our readers may have a few suggestions for you. Any words of advice for the music mixers in training out there?

The best advice that I could give would be to always remember to retain your own original sound, even when remixing other works. There are a lot of talented remix artists and composers out there, so strive to find that one defining trait that makes your music yours. Personally, I try to write music that I would enjoy stumbling upon had I not written it, so for me that's something I try to constantly keep in mind when composing.

Thanks for chatting with us, Vedrim -- it was great catching up with you!

Be sure to stay tuned as there's plenty more from me coming up on the horizon; all the positive feedback I've gotten from the WoW community as well as my subscribers has definitely inspired me to keep going. Additionally, I'd like to thank all of you over at WoW Insider for featuring my work and helping me find my place in the creative community. You guys are all awesome!

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