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Desi: Postal 3 in 'final stages'

Justin McElroy

With all the talk of violent video games last week, we got to thinking about one of the most vilified gaming franchises: Postal. It's been a good 17 months since we've had an update on the latest in the series, Postal 3, so we assumed ... perhaps even hoped a little, that it was dead. "Not so!" says Running With Scissors' Vince Desi.

He told us, "It's in the final stages in Moscow, I don't think it will come out this Christmas." It's a disappointment for anyone planning on giving the gift of a badger on a harness this holiday season, but have faith: Desi says he's hoping to set the badger loose in the first quarter of next year, much to the chagrin of ... well, probably everybody.

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