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Lame Castle mobile game inspired by Sony's anti-mobile ad campaign


Marcus Rivers may not be as well-known as Kevin Butler when it comes to televised Sony spokespeople, but he's already getting credit as inspiration for a video game. Lame Castle appears in an ad that shoots down mobile games, with Marcus noting that phones "ain't built for big boy games."

Apparently, the ad was a throwdown for Bradley Johnson, who left Crystal Dynamics after working on the downloadable game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. As a newly independent developer, the ad encouraged Johnson to buy the domain name and work on a prototype -- a process that took only a few weeks. "It's been a very quick development cycle, but it's been quite smooth," Johnson told Gamasutra.

Johnson and his newly founded development team, Be-Rad Entertainment, have since released Lame Castle on Android, with an iPhone version also in the works. His hope is to eventually work on downloadable games on all platforms. May we suggest an ironic PSP Minis port?

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