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Rough edges cut deep: Android still facing years-old unlock screen bug, Gmail 2.3 attachment woes have Google stumped


So, that new 2.3 version of Gmail that launched in September? Yeah, we'd steer clear if you haven't nabbed it yet. Google's currently trying to track down a bug that's leaving many users (including our own hapless Chris Ziegler) unable to download any attachments. Interestingly, or disconcertingly if you're of the pessimistic sort, Google actually has a "Gmail attachment issues investigation" page set up to allow highly technical users to submit debug reports of the problem. Sure, we're all for crowd sourcing, but we also wouldn't mind a big sturdy "hey guys, we've got this" on an issue of this magnitude. The worst part? You can't revert to the old version of Gmail if you've got the latest OTA update on your fancy new T-Mobile G2.

Interestingly, while we were discussing this issue, ensconced in the Engadget HQ jacuzzi, adult beverages in hand, we got a tip from some poor soul detailing a bug that's been in Android since the G1 days. Basically, if you fail at the pattern unlock too many times, the phone will ask you to enter your Google account info to unlock your phone. Sounds like a smart security feature, but unfortunately it doesn't work. The insanely detailed thread on Google's Android bug tracker reads like a history of the Android platform and the futility of man rolled into one, with various workarounds being discovered for different phones, and many desperate users resorting to wiping their phones and starting over. Sure it's minimal in the grand scheme of things, and plenty of platforms have outstanding bugs years after release, but we figured a little *bump* couldn't do anyone any harm. This one's for you, Dylan R.

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