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iOS 4.2 page on Apple's website promotes "100+ new features"


Apple has published a new page that outlines the main features of iOS 4.2 for the iPad. The page goes on to tout some of the "100+ new features" that iOS 4.2 will offer iPad users, including multitasking, folders, AirPlay, Game Center and enterprise support and yes, AirPrint.

The page also lists "November" as the release date, though we've heard that it could drop as early as this Friday. The update recently hit gold master status which means that it's all but ready to go. This is the first we've seen a list of what to expect since Apple reached that milestone.

To say that we're looking forward to this update would be an understatement.

Update: Yes, this page has been around. However, the "Coming Soon" dogear is new (although we all knew the update was landing in November) and it is notable that AirPrint has not been removed -- something Steve Jobs could have told us.

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