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iTunes Connect will be open over Thanksgiving weekend


A few weeks ago it was reported that iTunes Connect would be closed over Thanksgiving weekend and the Christmas holiday. While the closure wouldn't affect consumers who want to shop for apps, it would affect developers who wanted to submit new apps or change prices of their apps during that period.

iTunes Connect had been closed for a number of days over Christmases past, but the Thanksgiving closure was one that irked a lot of devs as it came during Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- the four day weekend that is the traditional start off to the US holiday shopping season.

To the relief of developers everywhere, Apple last night notified iOS devs that iTunes Connect will be closing for Christmas between December 23-28, but made no mention of a Thanksgiving weekend closure. This means that developers can still adjust prices of their apps on those days to entice holiday app shoppers, submit new apps, and don't have to worry about a Top Apps list freeze during the Thanksgiving weekend.

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