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Android client for Pocket Legends enters beta

Eliot Lefebvre

Pocket Legends turned a few heads when it was first launched as an MMO playable on the iPhone, but it's time for the game to expand beyond its roots. Past time, Droid users might say, as they've been suffering through no MMOs for their preferred phone for some time. But the wait is over -- the game has just entered a beta for the Android platform, making it not only the first mobile 3-D MMO but the first multiplatform mobile MMO.

You can download the game through the link on the front page of the site and through the Android market. It requires Android 2.1 to run successfully. A support forum has already been put together for players taking part in the beta, which is assured to have its fair share of issues as the porting is perfected. Still, this means that for the first time in the history of these dueling platforms, iPhone and Droid owners can walk hand in hand... well, while playing Pocket Legends, anyhow.

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