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Cornell study shows some proof to human precognition -- at least when it comes to porn

Tim Stevens

Sit yourself down in front of two curtains and have a friend randomly put a picture behind one. How often do you think you could guess the right curtain to open? Science says that, given enough repetition, you'd guess right exactly half the time. The other half the time, well, you'd be wrong. But, according to research conducted by Cornell Professor Daryl Bem, there are at least some signs we humans can do a little better than that. Bem found that when not just any picture was used, when it was an erotic picture, his subjects guessed right 53.4 percent of the time. Other tests too showed slight but statistically significant results seemingly pointing to human cognition when there was some sort of conditioned stimulus/response involved. Maybe Venkman really was just too far ahead of his time.

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