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EA gets a board member from Ford, you get a virtual car


EA has picked up Luis Ubiñas to sit on its board of directors. Ubiñas is president of the Ford Foundation, which gives grants and starts projects all over the world. Previously, he worked at a consulting firm called McKinsey & Company, where he specialized in working with media and wireless technology companies.

In what is probably a complete coincidence, players of The Sims 3 are all getting Ford Fiestas for free. The virtual kind, that is -- you can head over to the Sims website right now to pick up a downloadable pack which includes a Fiesta hatchback or sedan for your Sims' garage, and a bevy of other brand-related virtual items to use and play with.

That news probably has nothing at all to do with Ubiñas' new or old job titles, but we figured we'd let you know anyway.

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