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Final Cut Studio update supposedly due next year


Frustrated by the Final Cut delay, consultant Dustyn Gobler sent sent Steve Jobs an email asking for status update. Jobs supposedly replied (we can't confirm that Gobler did in fact receive a message back from Jobs) with "A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year."

Hardmac reported in September that the Final Cut delay was due to "significant setbacks." Specifically, their source said that differences between the team responsible for Shake and the team working on Motion are partly responsible, and representative of the overall difficulty in uniting all of the suite's applications.

Steve's assertion that an update is due in 2011 is consistent with other rumors we've heard on the subject. For those who, like Gobler, must make very expensive decisions on this software, we say sit tight. An update is on the way. Maybe.

[Via MacNN]

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