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Hulu's block on Boxee streaming affecting more than just Boxee Boxes

Vlad Savov

We know Boxee wanted its Box launch to have an impact, but we doubt this was the way the company intended. A great many of our readers are reporting this morning that their browser-based streaming attempts from Hulu have been greeted with an error message telling them that they're trying to access the service "from Boxee." Needless to say, these Windows 7 and Mac OS X users are not amused and we suspect Hulu will have only a short time to sort out its blocking algorithms before a full-on frenzy of discontented geeks engulfs its forums. Reported browsers to have fallen afoul of this unplanned ban include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, leaving us to wonder whether anyone is able to stream content from Hulu right now. Have you had any luck?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: One of our tipsters has now seen his streaming uncorked again, so maybe Hulu has sorted out its booboo. Thanks, Chris!

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