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iPad developer receives phone call from Steve Jobs


Seattle-based iPad developer Ram Arumugam received a phone call from Steve Jobs after expressing frustration over his app's rejection. "I was very surprised," he told The Seattle Times. "I was not even sure whether [Steve Jobs] would have time to read the e-mail."

The story began when Arumugam's app, Economy for iPad (US$2.99) was rejected for using private APIs. The problem, Arumugam explains on his blog, was with the on-screen keyboard. Specifically, he was having trouble dismissing it after the user had finished with it. Since using private APIs is a no-no, the app was rejected.

Arumugam sent an email to Steve Jobs explaining the situation. Two hours later, his iPhone rang. Arumugam heard, "Ram, this is Steve." It was Jobs on the other end. After discussing his issue, Ram removed the offending code from his app, re-submitted it and it was accepted. In fact, it's become the top-selling pad app in the finance category.

Regarding his conversation with Apple's famous CEO, Arumugam wrote, "...I've also read that he is a detail-oriented executive and a hands-on guy who is intimately involved with his company's work (in a way that few other CEOs are). His phone-call reinforced those notions and went further to suggest that he was also a very conscientious guy who cared about people. The fact that he took the time to read my email, think about the app and then personally call me was amazing."

That's a pretty neat story. Thanks to Ram for sharing, and to Steve for reaching out to a frustrated developer.

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