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Miyamoto talks about Wii Music's future, hints at sequel

Last October, when the wounds of Wii Music's critical and commercial failure were still relatively fresh, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that "there may still be some possibility" of continuing the franchise. In a recent interview with Techland, Miyamoto went a bit further, explaining, "There's a lot of potential still in Wii Music, I think. Because we're going to change it up, a new interface is coming, and all of that." Them's sequeling words, partner.

Miyamoto also addressed the possibility of Mario making an appearance in a Wii Music follow-up, stating "If we get more people to understand what's going on in the game concept, then he might appear in the game. I don't know." He added that a Mario cameo is somewhat unlikely, as "he can't play guitar" or saxophone using his stubby, gloved fingers. That's a good point, Mr. Miyamoto -- we guess he can't play too many instruments. But he can rap with the best of them.

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