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Razzashi Hatchling to remain as an in-game drop in Cataclysm


For obsessive pet collectors, the final days of Wrath of the Lich King constitute a nervous race against time. Few people are sure which pets are staying and which pets are disappearing forever. For a long time, the Razzashi Hatchling remained a major question mark -- currently, it's only available in the soon-to-be-disappearing Zul'Gurub raid.

Well, for those lamenting the low drop rate, Community Manager Lylirra brings some good news:

Is the Razzashi Hatchling item to be removed?
If you currently have the Razzashi Hatchling item in your inventory, you'll still be able to learn the pet spell at a later point in time. It's not like the pet is disappearing completely; it's just no longer dropping from its usual home in Zul'Gurub.

In fact, I can confirm that the Razzashi Hatchling, being a clever and resilient little reptile, has already found a new home, and will be migrating there shortly after the shattering. ;)

Note that the comment above applies only to the adorably collectible Razzashi pet and not the savagely awesome Razzashi mount. As far as we all know, the Swift Razzashi Raptor will still be going extinct with the impending Cataclysm.

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