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This week on The MMO Report

Jef Reahard

This week on The MMO Report, Casey Schreiner starts things off with a bang by highlighting Undead Labs' zombie MMO-in-the-making and a spectacularly polarizing quote by developer Richard Foge that first broke right here on Massively.

Moving right along, Casey takes a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic's recently announced PvP Warzones, scenario-based battles that will see players fighting for control over various objectives. He also spends a segment on the drama surrounding All Points Bulletin -- or more accurately -- its firesale. The new sci-fi MMOFPS Genesis A.D. also gets a mention, and its shiny trailer grabs the spotlight for a few precious seconds.

Finally, the episode pays a bit of lip service to Blizzard's charitable endeavors via the Moonkin hatchling promotion and finishes things off with a death-defying dive into the nether regions of Uncle Casey's mailbag. Check out the full episode after the cut, and if you're looking for past episodes of The MMO Report, head over to G4TV.

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