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WoW Moviewatch: Mister Evil Runs for Office


Mister Evil Runs for Office is a new short machinima by Oxhorn. The story, quickly told, is about Professor Evil and his decision to run for president of Evil University. An opposing candidate is also running for the same office and the two must conduct an evil campaign to win as many votes as possible.

I wasn't quite sure what the message of Mister Evil Runs for Office might be, so I decided to skip that level of analysis and just enjoy the movie. I feel like Oxhorn has really improved his artistic skills and many of the shots and visuals in this video are superlative. That kind of improvement can be impressive when you consider that Oxhorn is already a seasoned, experienced machinima maker.

If you want some of the visuals as wallpaper, by the way, Oxhorn has made some available on his wallpaper page.

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