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Black Prophecy fan finds fun in interface functions


More and more science fiction MMOs are making their way to the market. One of the most highly-anticipated ones is Black Prophecy. This twitch-based, third-person, space sim is currently being developed by free-to-play developer Gamigo. Since the game has entered closed-beta, fans have been itching for news, but Gamigo has not released much news since then. This silence prompted fansite owner Travis "Nexiom" to spend some time examining the user interface of his favorite game.

Prophecy Nation decided to help out fans by providing news of its own. Nexiom gathered all the screenshots and videos of Black Prophecy and thoroughly examined each one to piece together an in-depth analysis of the game's user interface. His first entry studies the user interface aboard space stations and the general player menu. This includes the ship/character information, skills, inventory, starmap, and many more display items.

Before anyone comments that he is breaking some sort of NDA by posting this information, Nexiom assures us that he is not in the closed beta and all the screenshots were taken from previously released images.

Catch all the information over at Prophecy Nation. You are also welcome to sign up for closed beta at the official Black Prophecy website.

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