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iPad may soon run Android via OpeniBoot

David Quilty

Not entirely psyched about your iPad because of its lack of Adobe Flash support, or unhappy with the iOS operating system itself? How about installing Android on it instead? OpeniBoot, an open source implementation of iBoot for Apple iOS devices, is on a mission to bring the Android OS to the iPad and iPhone 4. While previous versions of OpeniBoot have appeared for the first-gen iPhone and iPhone 3G, this is the first we've seen of the implementation for more modern iOS devices. For jailbroken (obviously) iOS devices, the use of OpeniBoot allows the booting of unsigned code such as Linux, and thus Android, on Apple devices.

One of the reasons I have always used Apple computers is because the systems work fine for my needs as-is, but if you are an adventurous soul who can back their way out of a technological jam, this could be kind of a cool experiment.

[via macgasm and The Next Web]

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