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Sega attempts to save real hedgehogs in Sonic Colors promo

After proving its ability to keep its own spiny mascot alive with the well-received Sonic Colors, Sega has turned its efforts to preserving the non-flatness of real-life hedgehogs in the suburb of Twickenham, London. The publisher recently designated a temporary "hedgehog road crossing" in the town, allowing a handful of the woodland creatures to scamper about without fear of being struck by one of the region's tiny, steering-wheel-on-the-wrong-sided vehicles.

Yes, it was very much a publicity stunt, but Sega representative Anna Downing told Eurogamer that she hopes it will "raise awareness" of the 50,000 hedgehogs who die every year while trying to cross British roads. That's a pretty good cause, we guess -- but you know what would raise even more driver awareness of hedgehogs? If you painted them all bright blue. Food for thought.

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