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Super Mario Bros. 3 fan remake is finished, mental


If you're anything like us, you've got a serious affinity for the third Super Mario Bros. NES game. However, there's no way you have the same amount of love that forum user SKJmin does for the decades old game. SKJmin tirelessly remade Super Mario Bros. 3 in the New Super Mario Bros. (DS) engine. Just yesterday, the final, totally bonkers trailer for the patch went up, which we've dropped after the break.

As both properties are wholly owned by Nintendo, the mod is offered for free and the creator doesn't pack the NSMB ROM with the download. Additionally, repeated warnings are given to would-be thieves, such as "Please remember, don't download this if you don't have the original game from Nintendo! You have been warned!!" As of right now, the patch isn't available, but is said to be coming at some point tomorrow, just in time to make your weekend way, way more awesome.

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