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Osmos only $2.50 as Game for Windows Live's Deal of the Week


$2.50 doesn't buy a lot these days -- we remember when two bucks and fifty cents could get you a few movie rentals, a nice big bag of candy, or even a sweet comic book. But nowadays, it barely buys you a cup of coffee. One thing you can do with your $2.50 this weekend, though, is take advantage of Games for Windows Live's Deal of the Week -- Microsoft is offering up the terrific indie game Osmos for just two dollars and two quarters.

The game's great -- it was an Indiecade finalist last year, and has you playing as a celestial body trading off mass for movement and always trying to eat orbs bigger than you are. $2.50 doesn't go as far as it used to, but this deal, on through Wednesday of next week, is money well spent.

Update [11/15/10]: This deal is also available through the newly relaunched Games for Windows Marketplace.

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