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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is trapped between a rock and a harder rock

We're about to set our weekend off with a quick trip to the Mega-Multiplex to go see Danny Boyle's newest opus, 127 Hours --but we're still confused as to why they decided to make a movie about this guy. So, he gets trapped in a crevasse, cuts his own arm off and makes it back to civilization alive? Big whoop. We could do all that stuff, too. Well, the first two things, anyway. Well, the first thing, anyway. Of course, to get in that crevasse, we'd probably have to climb something, which is absolutely out of the question. So ... yeah. Never mind, then.

We'd much rather stay behind the safety of our keyboards, compiling our seven favorite gaming-themed webcomics in this, the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. Check them out below, and vote for your favorite after the jump!

Full Circle (Penny Arcade)
Bust A Move (Nerf Now)
Karma (Brawl in the Family)
Starkiller, Literally (Digital Unrest)
Multi-touch (Virtual Shackles)
Beep Beep (No Cash Value)
Sledgehammer Not Included (Of Noobs and Men)


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