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Buy Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded at GameStop or Amazon, get puffy stickers


If you pre-order Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded from GameStop or Amazon, you can kind of make your DS look like the Japan-exclusive Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days DSi. Kind of.

Square Enix announced that pre-orders of the DS jaunt through Jiminy's memories will include the above sticker sheet, containing 32 2mm-thick stickers with various emblems from the series. The offer has yet to show up on either retailer's site, but if you wish upon a star (or wait a bit) we're confident it will appear.

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Preorder Item Announced for KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded

Gamers can now preorder a copy of KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded at GameStop or and receive a free set of Icon Decals. Each of the 32 decals are 2mm thick and represent various motifs from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, giving players the freedom to make their own customized decorations.

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