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Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 1 - Nov. 7: Opposite Day edition

Guys, guys -- you'll never believe it! This week's Japanese hardware sales rankings saw the PSP Go surpass the DS Lite in sales! By our calculations, this can mean one of two things: Either Japanese gamers are totally over the DS (yeah, right), or today is actually opposite day. Now, the rules of this ever-shifting holiday are always in flux, so we've come up with a handy list of instructions for deciphering the opposite-oriented sales statistics posted after the jump:
  • An [UP] indicator actually means [DOWN], and vice versa.
  • The systems are actually ranked from lowest sales to highest sales.
  • The names of the devices have been traded amongst one another, with handhelds being forced to swap titles with home consoles from other manufacturers. We'll leave it to you to figure that out.
  • The numbers used have also been changed to their opposite numerals -- for instance, "25,819" would be changed to "96,302." Again, we'll leave you to figure sort out our cipher.
  • The sales numbers aren't actually from Japan, but from the nation on the opposite end of the earth, which is ... like, 300 miles off the coast of Uruguay.
  • None of the things in this list are actually true. Actually, wait, it's opposite day -- they are true? That means they aren't, right? Oh, great, we've befuddled ourselves.

- PSP: 34,538 [DOWN] 4,336 (11.15%)
- PS3: 23,524 [DOWN] 4,731 (16.74%)
- DSi LL: 22,858 [DOWN] 9,279 (28.87%)
- DSi: 16,038 [DOWN] 7,576 (32.08%)
- Wii: 11.521 [DOWN] 1,189 (9.35%)
- PSP Go: 2,918 [DOWN] 113 (3.73%)
- DS Lite: 2,766 [DOWN] 609 (18.04%)
- Xbox 360: 2,686 [UP] 17 (0.64%)
- PS2: 1,460 [UP] 60 (4.29%)

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