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One Shots: The darkening of the light

With our brethren across the pond enjoying the free-to-play model of Lord of the Rings Online, we've been seeing more screenshots coming in from the game of late. If American servers are any indication, there are likely a whole bunch of people returning to (or taking their first steps in) the lands of Middle-earth. What adventures and sights await them? Well, one of the things that lies ahead is the Mines of Moria, a spectacularly spooky spot captured for us today by François C., who writes in about his experience:

"I began to play Lord of the Rings Online more than two years ago (which does not make me an MMO veteran, strictly speaking, but I'm beginning to feel that way). Anyway, as a true casual player, I'm discovering the game at my own rhythm -- that is to say, very slowly. I am still regularly surprised and pleased by the magnificent scenery. [This] screenshot was taken in the Water-works in the Mines of Moria. It is a bit dark, as expected, but I feel it does a great job conveying the almost inconceivable talent of dwarves at building and engineering and the strange atmosphere in the Moria -- a kind of mix of immensity and claustrophobia."

Would you like to share some images of your recent adventures? We're always on the hunt for more screenshots of the many different MMOs out there -- but we need your help. Email your screenshots is in to us at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it out here and give you the credit for sending it in!

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