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Anarchy Online preparing to launch an item shop

Eliot Lefebvre

An interesting effect of older games like Anarchy Online is that it gets progressively harder to hook new players -- eventually, the established power level of existing players makes it all but impossible for novices to catch up. Funcom is taking an interesting approach to both addressing that and teaching an old dog new tricks in the venerable game with the addition of an item shop. Players can purchase a variety of items, including endgame tokens and experience-accelerating stims.

While these items will certainly accelerate progress for new characters, the development team is quick to point out that none of these additions will affect existing top-end characters. There's no need for people already in the endgame to shell out cash to stay competitive, but players who need a little boost will be well-served by the update. Anarchy Online is testing most of the additions now, so players should prepare themselves for what's coming next -- and possibly start shelling out a little extra for anything they're missing.

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