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Free Dance Central with $25 purchase at Old Navy this Black Friday


The holiday season brings all kinds of happy traditions. For us, those traditions include dusting off the rarely used "old-navy" tag. Like last year, the clothing retailer is offering a free Harmonix game with a $25 purchase on Black Friday. This year, the Harmonix game in question is Kinect standout Dance Central.

If you're a Kinect owner interested in this offer, and you need some pants or something, we suggest getting to your local store long before it opens at midnight on Friday, November 26 (or Saturday in Canada). We heard reports last year that the free games were limited to the first 25 shoppers to come in. The good news is that if you wait in line and miss out on a copy, you won't feel much like dancing anyway. So that kind of works out.

[Thanks, Aaron!]

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