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HTC Trophy with Windows Phone 7 coming to Verizon in 'early 2011'

Chris Ziegler

It's unclear whether Verizon will ever get HTC's 7 Pro, but it's a lock that Big Red will eventually have some manner of Windows Phone 7 gear in its lineup -- and now we've got one in the flesh. Looks like HTC will be remixing the Trophy for use on CDMA networks, featuring a 3.8-inch WVGA display, 5 megapixel cam, 16GB of storage, and 802.11n, and Verizon is circulating a brochure for Microsoft employees saying they'll be able to buy the Trophy in "early 2011" for $199.99 at launch when they renew their contracts now (they'll also get a leather case and a car charger for free, but hey, they're Microsofties). Oh, and that's not the best part: the Trophy is also identified as being a "quad band global phone," meaning you'll be able to roam on GSM networks when you leave the US behind -- a feature Verizon seems to be pushing pretty hard across its smartphone lineup now. Follow the break for a bigger version of the pamphlet.

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